When you are responsible for the connectivity, efficiency and productivity of your telecommunications infrastructure, call Dalco to provide Telecom Consulting Services. We will design/implement innovative platforms for supporting concurrent customer calls, agents within call centers and provide keen knowledge of networking protocols such as VOIP, VLANS, TDM/ SIP and other call center platforms.


We solve common telecommunication problems, expand infrastructure to new global regions, and maintain existing platforms. Dalco will administer campus-wide VOIP telephone systems, update the telephone voice mail switches and assist with optimizing operations and maintenance of systems. If you are looking to innovate your telecom network operations, speak with our Telecommunications Consultant and learn how we can provide tools and processes that improve client productivity with TCP/IP, IP subnetting, VLAN’s, Ethernet, DHCP, DNS, QoS/COs, TDM/PRI or SIP.

Telecommunications Client
Success Stories (as seen on current website)

  • Client reduces costs by over $360,000 while doubling overall bandwidth.
  • Leading optical retailer reduces local and long-distance telecommunications costs in excess of 40%.
  • Nationwide restaurant chain saves 62% as a result of outsourcing their telecommunications support services.

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