Project Governance, Risk and Compliance

What we do?

Dalco’s GRC Team assists clients with alignment of their Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Objectives. We understand that GRC is the combination of processes established and executed by executive leadership that reflects how the organization’s structure Is managed.

Our Services

Our certified GRC team provides decision making frameworks, tools and policies that ensure their business strategies are meeting or exceeding expectations.


We identify and measure the effectiveness of the top management team to ensure that ethical practices are being executed


We identify areas such as cybersecurity to mitigate risk


We review policies, regulations and laws to validate that your organization remains compliant

Our Strategy

  • Dalco understands and outlines stakeholders’ expectations
  • Dalco assists organizations by solidifying GRC principals that collaborate with their business strategies, operations, company values and objectives
  • Dalco assures that organizations are within legal, contractual, social, internal and ethical boundaries
  • Dalco provides reports on measurements, performance and effectiveness
  • Dalco provides relevant, reliable and timely information to management teams
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