Organizational Change Management

Change is the New Constant

60% – 70% of all change initiatives fail. Why is that?

What’s the bottom line?

Change management has become a key component in organizational business fabric. Change management teams must consistently consider negative employee attitudes, cultural climates, leadership engagement, roll out process and the overall management team behavior on those changes. When those barriers are broken, companies can move forward.

Let the Dalco Change Management team assist
  • Set and lay down the foundations for success
  • Plan the change process
  • Assure the change process is effective

Lay the Foundation

Discovery process-Gathering stake holders and discuss/create details

Understand the Change

Detailed process -Understand what will change and who will be impacted

Communicate the Process

Leverage resources, discuss training, open communication

Dalco’s change Management Process Flow


Training, Coaching and Feedback

Roll Out Implementation

Make change natural for the organization

Review and create best practices

Document everything

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