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HIPAA Compliance: How Privacy Laws Shape Healthcare Innovation

Nurse With Digital Tablet Talks To Woman In Hospital Bed

Despite having gone into effect more than 20 years ago, HIPAA remains a key driver of — and sometimes barrier to — innovation in healthcare technology.

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Imagining Industry 5.0: What Will Manufacturing Look Like in 2030?

Here are some concepts that all manufacturers need to understand about industry 5.0 and how to prepare for the future of manufacturing.

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10 Experts With Big Ideas About the Future of Work

For any company, future-proofing is a crucial part of staying competitive. Follow these 10 industry experts for a compelling look at the future of work.

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All or Nothing: How Far Should Legacy Upgrades Go?

Successful legacy upgrades require a clear plan. Here’s how to define how far your modernization efforts need to go.

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Updating Legacy Systems? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions First

Updating legacy systems can be daunting. Thoughtful long term planning and consideration of these five factors can make it a whole lot easier.

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Cyber Resilience 101: How to Maximize the Uptime of Your Cloud Systems

Portrait of man in office using tablet

The cloud is the future of enterprise business. But how do ensure your cloud systems are stable, secure and always up and running?

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Why Digital-Driven Companies Will Be Able to Weather the Next Recession

Digital transformations give enterprise companies the tools they need to anticipate, prepare for and thrive during a recession.

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