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How Much Does a Critical Systems Failure Really Cost Companies?

Engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on monitoring system software. Welding robotics and digital manufacturing operation.

The business cost of a critical systems failure can vary significantly from company to company, but it is always more costly than executives imagine.

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How Organizations Can Make Reskilling Part of Their Company Cultures

Reskilling requirements are accelerating. Here’s how companies can keep pace and ensure their employees remain relevant.

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What Does Cloud-Powered Oil Production Look Like?

Cloud computing is empowering today’s oil companies to increase production, find new resources and transform business operations.

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Healthcare 2030: Smart, Connected and in the Cloud

Soon, we will be relying on an internet of connected medical devices to improve care, fight diseases and transform the future of healthcare.

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The Modernization of Quality Assurance in Manufacturing

Quality control is becoming a more complex challenge for manufacturers. Modernization of quality assurance technology can help them solve it.

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Can Technology Deliver Real Customer-Centricity in the Utilities Sector?

With consumers demanding more and more from their providers, digital transformation will be essential for utilities to thrive.

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HIPAA Compliance: How Privacy Laws Shape Healthcare Innovation

Nurse With Digital Tablet Talks To Woman In Hospital Bed

Despite having gone into effect more than 20 years ago, HIPAA remains a key driver of — and sometimes barrier to — innovation in healthcare technology.

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Imagining Industry 5.0: What Will Manufacturing Look Like in 2030?

Here are some concepts that all manufacturers need to understand about industry 5.0 and how to prepare for the future of manufacturing.

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10 Experts With Big Ideas About the Future of Work

For any company, future-proofing is a crucial part of staying competitive. Follow these 10 industry experts for a compelling look at the future of work.

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All or Nothing: How Far Should Legacy Upgrades Go?

Successful legacy upgrades require a clear plan. Here’s how to define how far your modernization efforts need to go.

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