Life Sciences & Healthcare

The pace of technology is accelerating! Transformation in healthcare solutions enable healthcare organizations to provide the highest levels of end to end advancements. Our focus on healthcare technology strategies, services, products and innovation provides security, governance, patient satisfaction and efficiencies.



Utilization in manufacturing has become an increasingly must have common practice. With the onset of automation, such as robotics, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, we are changing the manufacturing industry with software innovation, IoT and the necessary tools to remain competitive and profitable.


Banking & Financial Services

ATM kiosks may soon be a thing of the past. What happens when you can use Biometrics and Blockchain to safely transfer assets without the risk of carrying a card? At Dalco, our labs are focused on innovative ideas. We assist financial institutions with Biometrics, Blockchain technology, higher usage of mobility and digital banking methods to provide security and advanced technology platforms.



We assist our HiTech clients by providing agile engineering services with Next Generation projects such as Blockchain and application development. Our engineers are available to assist with planning, designing, developing, testing, launching and supporting IT led business transformation projects.


Consumer Goods & Distribution

The Digital world moves fast! It’s no secret that Digital Technology is ubiquitous, especially when organizations must use technology to inform consumers to use and influence them to purchase their products. Consumers loyalty is not as it once was. Consumers have a plethora of choices, prices, fast delivery methods and product that matches their segmentation needs. At Dalco, we help organizations utilize analytics, algorithms, supply chain efficiencies and peer-to-peer awareness to help them sell their products and services.


Energy & Utilities

Every year is another year of disruption in the energy and utility industry. This sector spends billions on Research & Development to find alternative methods to move to the Cloud, deploy software efficiencies, improve on infrastructure and harvest massive amounts of data and information. At Dalco we help organizations to make the digital transformation seamless while assisting with deploying IoT technologies, Security and Artificial Intelligence into their operations.



At Dalco, we assist insurance companies by advising how to add effective tools such as Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and Social Media strategies throughout their organization. There are insurance companies today that are utilizing telematics (a device that measures speed and driving behaviors) to reward good drivers. This allows insurance companies to be more proactive with policy writing. Our specialists are on staff to consult with organizations to utilize telematics, chatbots and unmanned drones to help insurance companies become more innovative with deployment of technology.



Technology deployments in retail can be costly which impacts the bottom line when considering overhead costs. There are technology advancements being deployed and Dalco Consultants can assist in the decision-making process.
For example, more stores are moving to BOPIS {Buy Online Pick Up in Store} models. E-commerce giants provide ease in placing orders with expedient delivery methods. Traditional malls strategies from the 70’s and 80’s are no longer appealing to consumer experiences. Consumers can use 3D technology for sizing which eliminates trips to the local mall, security concerns, traffic and limited available stock. We assist clients with digital methods to provide new analytical approaches to identifying demographics, customer segmentation, forecasting and creating a simple stay-at-home shopping experience.


Transportation & Logistics

With the onset of self driving automobiles, smart cars and next generation GPS devices, there is no doubt the industry is changing. Our consultants provide software, tools {such as telematics}, and technology to monitor driving behaviors, and improve safety conditions with smart solutions, artificial intelligence and automation.



Chalkboards are becoming extinct. Schools are switching to collaborative methods of learning via video conferencing, social media, and interactivity in the classroom. At Dalco, we assist in the deployment of technology with Data Management and Analytics to zone in on the student’s performance and address specific needs in real time with appropriate materials. With analytics, teachers can develop action plans to address individual student needs.
The schools of the Next Generation are utilizing Intelligent Augmentation. Imagine a class where a student can hear and see holograms of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy speaking before their eyes. We assist by developing gamification programs as an incentive to drive motivation. We will also provide the highest levels of cyber security to protect the data for teachers and students in the cloud.



New York, London and Paris utilize Smart City technologies. Smart cities deploy sensors, analytics and security measures to improve efficiencies, lower costs and increase public safety measures. Dalco will provide connectivity and technology to monitor activities such as trash pick up, deployment of security cameras and sensors that create a safer city.
We provide Blockchain and other security services such as encrypted documents, encrypted bill pay and cybersecurity services for asset protection. Dalco collects analytics to learn more on meeting the needs of its citizens such as the utilization of social media to facilitate deployment of government public programs and new innovative services.

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