Digital Transformation

What we do

Dalco’s Digital Transformation and Consulting Team works with clients assisting in defining technology strategies and implementing solutions by providing tangible business value for our clients. Our company motto, “Infinite Innovation”, addresses problems and challenges with innovative solutions.

Our Approach

Dalco’s priority is relationship centric. We conduct an extensive conversational overview with our clients to understand their “story”. It is imperative to know where each client comes and where they want to go.
Next, we identify new functionality, research use cases, and help our clients prioritize projects by establishing plans that will maximize scalable, improve productivity and increase return on their investments.
Dalco consistently collaborates with Executive Management Team members and key decision makers across multiple business units to make sure that we have synchronization.


After the plan has been developed, we lead implementation with an on-time agile delivery approach. This improves velocity while maintaining a keen focus on quality and scalability.
We collaborate with stakeholders to ensure that the culture is an active participant in the Digital Transformation process. We ask and answer questions, create dialogue and encourage feedback mechanisms designed to increase moral, success and productivity of the implementations.


Whether your project involves implementation of a new Custom Software Design, Cloud Migration, ERP/CRM rollouts or Blockchain, our delivery process is conducive to your company culture keeping all stakeholders in mind. We call that “Thought Leadership Maximized”!

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