How does Blockchain work? When an entity records a contract on the Blockchain, that entity receives a public ledger of the transaction that is visible to others.

A distributed ledger is a tamper proof record of the transaction (i.e. accounting ledger). The Blockchain eliminates the middleman and speeds up the process to transact business with verification and quick methods to transfer assets. Blockchain is a new method to store records and record transactions. Contracts are digitally signed providing asset movements and financial services. Transactions are immutable meaning they cannot be changed or altered.

Infinavate Blockchain Technologies

  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • ENS providing for human readable names for access decentralized address
  • EVS is the runtime environment for smart contract
  • Smart Contract Concepts
  • Crypto currency exchanges using Cryptography to secure the transaction
  • Solidity, Truffle to build block chain Dapps
  • Remix is a IDE contract using Solidity
  • Cryptographically secure Digital Wallet – Blockchain tested digital signature technology to create transactions to reduce fraud and establish TRUST

When does Blockchain make sense? When your organization needs:

  • Trust to process transactions quickly and seamlessly
  • Transparency. Think of Supply chain operations and business partners adopting to an automated world
  • Proof of Authorship
  • Proof of Ownership. Imaging a future world when real estate or assets proof of ownership are verified via Blockchain and the speed to selling assets that will transpire
  • Disintermediation and peer to peer style business models deployed governance and the rapid changes it will present to the marketplace
  • Authenticity where transactions have
    • Immutability (transactions cannot be changed once published)
    • Auditability (check ledgers to audit the trail)
    • Provenance (know exactly where the transaction came from)

Our Future Insight

Blockchain is the future and will impact how the world processes transactions. All vertical markets will be impacted.
Dalco can assist your firm by reviewing and deploying Blockchain technology into your business model.

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